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Council Leader Chris Robbins finally bobs off UPDATED

Several well-placed Town Hall sources tell me that, yes, it is finally true: Council Leader Chris Robbins is standing down, perhaps by Christmas, certainly by next May. Robbins has always been nervous around selection time, looming now, but in the past, he was at least able partly to control the process. However, with the influx of new members, Waltham Forest Labour is now a rather different kettl... »

‘In Calais with Stella Creasy’

There is a long article in today’s New Statesman about Dr. Stella Creasy’s recent visit to the Calais refugee camp: http://www.newstatesman.com/world/europe/2016/09/calais-stella-creasy-how-politicians-are-trying-change-refugee-policy For sure, there will be the usual accusations that this is another example of her penchant for grandstanding. But I doubt if such comment is fair. Dr. Cr... »

Save Highams Park’s Library campaign – resident groups demolish LBWF’s business case

Oliver Shykles writes as follows: ‘I chair the Highams Park Forum which is working together with the Highams Park Planning Group and The Highams Park Society to protest against LBWF proposals which could drastically affect library provision in Highams Park. At the time of writing, 3,956 people involved with Highams Park have signed a detailed petition against the Council’s scheme, whil... »

Cllr. Liaquat Ali boobs again

The Waltham Forest Guardian today quotes Cllr. Liaquat Ali pontificating about community safety: ‘“Our sense of community and of belonging, and the need to always treat others with respect, helps to make Waltham Forest such a great place to call home. We’ve been shocked and saddened to see the various news reports that have emerged in the aftermath of the EU Referendum result, indicating a r... »

Waltham Forest Labour and democratic debate in the neighbourhoods

Some years ago, the average resident of Cann Hall (where I live) who aspired to have a say in how the neighbourhood developed could do so via the local ward forum, and also the Leytonstone Community Council (which embraced Cathall and Leytonstone wards, as well). Both bodies had official status, were serviced by LBWF officers, and received finance from the Town Hall to support modest measures of a... »

Cllr. Tim Bennett-Goodman resigns the Labour Whip

Word reaches me that Cllr. Tim Bennett-Goodman has resigned the Labour Whip, for reasons spelt out in his letter, below. It is a sad day for the Labour Party. Prior to becoming a councillor, Tim Bennett-Goodman had a long history of community-based activity in Waltham Forest, and was widely recognised for both his integrity and his commitment to improving the area. It says much about the current s... »

John Cryer MP’s lacklustre Parliamentary record UPDATED

I have periodically joked that, so rarely is John Cryer seen or heard locally, he must love his sleep. Now the website They Work For You provides some hard data to chew upon, and largely confirms my suspicions: Mr. Cryer’s Parliamentary record is indeed lacklustre. The bare bones are as follows. Mr. Cryer, it turns out: ‘Has spoken in 15 debates in the last year — well below average amongst ... »

Academies, George Tomlinson Primary, and LBWF Interim Director of School Standards Rosalind Turner UPDATED

Earlier this week, a reliable contact in the Town Hall rang me to say that some Labour councillors seemed spooked by the stance being taken by LBWF’s Interim Director of School Standards, Rosalind Turner, and more generally were nervous about what they perceived as the ‘academisation’ of Waltham Forest schools. Indeed, my contact told me, the rumour circulating was that Cabinet member Cllr. Mark R... »

LBWF councillors through the prism of their register of interest forms

The LBWF councillor code of conduct requires each member to answer questions on a register of interest form at the beginning of their term of office, and then update as necessary, with the results being published on the authority’s website. In 2012, the Waltham Forest Guardian reported that councillors were finding this requirement challenging. Some had missed out crucial details, with, for exampl... »

Cllr. Johar Khan ‘suspended pending the result of an investigation’

I have written before about Cllr. Johar Khan, noting in particular his puzzling relationship with the by now notorious E11 BID Co.. This afternoon, the Waltham Forest Guardian reports ‘A Labour Party spokesman’ as saying: ‘“We can confirm Cllr Khan has been suspended pending the result of an investigation.”’ Coincidentally, in the last few days, I have received an anonymous... »

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