Save Highams Park’s Library campaign – resident groups demolish LBWF’s business case

Oliver Shykles writes as follows:

‘I chair the Highams Park Forum which is working together with the Highams Park Planning Group and The Highams Park Society to protest against LBWF proposals which could drastically affect library provision in Highams Park.

At the time of writing, 3,956 people involved with Highams Park have signed a detailed petition against the Council’s scheme, while 1,117 people involved with Highams Park have joined a Save Highams Park’s Library Facebook Group.

Over 200 residents attended a spring clean and protest outside their library last Saturday (images available in the press pack, here:

The press pack also includes a detailed rebuttal to the misleading and inaccurate claims made by Council officers which have been presented to Cabinet members (the meeting takes place today – the 12 July –  at 2pm at the Town Hall). We have three speakers at that meeting.

The specific council report we have responded to is ‘Appendix 2a Hale End Business Case 1st July 2016’:

All the documents related to the agenda item “Library Local Development Plan” to be discussed tomorrow by the Cabinet are here:‘.

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