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Solidarity with the Sandwell Skidder!

From today’s Daily Mail: ‘”Labour council with £2.8m hole in its finances ‘found £300,000 to silence blogger” Published: 02:15, 21 December 2020 | A penniless Labour council with a £2.8million hole in its budget set aside £300,000 to silence a blogger who was highly critical of its work. Sandwell council…had admitted to setting taxpayers’ money aside to pu... »

STOP PRESS Leytonstone’s E11 BID Co. Ltd. threatened with prosecution

As this blog has demonstrated at length, Leytonstone’s E11 BID Co. Ltd. has become a byword for bad management, and a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude to the norms of polite society. Slipshod book-keeping, failure to pay taxes, accrual of large debts, late filing of accounts, adverse County Court Judgements, insouciance about explaining how it has spent its money – the E... »

Leytonstone’s E11 BID Co: still more controversy

Over the years, this blog has regularly reported on the travails of the E11 BID Co. Ltd. (hereafter BID ONE), a private company that was specially set up in 2007 to run Leytonstone’s Business Improvement District (BID). In some ways, that this has been merited is quite surprising. The financial and operating model that BID ONE initially set out to follow was hardly complicated. As part of th... »

The E11 BID Co. apparently set to close, but big questions remain

Word reaches me that the E11 BID Co. directors have decided to throw in the towel, and shut their company at Christmas. If true, this is good news, for although the E11 BID Co. claims to have put its disaterous past behind it, there are still enough flaws in its functioning to give grave cause for concern. Well-run companies, for example, submit their accounts on time. But the visitor who looks up... »

The E11 BID Co. saga continues

As this blog has extensively documented, Leytonstone’s Business Improvement District (BID) scheme, and more particularly the company that is supposed to run it,  the E11 BID Co., have rarely been free from controversy. Now fresh revelations suggest that the worrying pattern continues. On paper, the way that the BID works is fairly straightforward. Each business rate payer in Leytonstone is billed ... »

The E11 BID Co.: strike off discontinued, but accounts still overdue

According to Companies House, the Registrar has discontinued the compulsory strike-off of the E11 BID Co.. On the other hand, the visitor who uses the Companies House webpages to check on the E11 BID Co.’s progress is still greeted by the following: As I’ve pointed out before, it does seem strange that an organisation which depends solely for its income on the hard work of local trader... »

STOP PRESS: the E11 BID Co. heads towards being struck off

According to a document made public at Companies House, reproduced below, the E11 BID Co. is now threatened with being compulsorily struck off and dissolved. This blog has covered the troubled and troubling E11 BID Co. before (see links below). The issue now seems to be that the company missed the deadline for filing its 2014-15 accounts, which was 31 March 2016. It really does seem extraordinary ... »

Cllr. Johar Khan makes Private Eye

From Private Eye, no. 1408, 19 December 2015 – 7 January 2016:     »

Cllr. Johar Khan ‘suspended pending the result of an investigation’

I have written before about Cllr. Johar Khan, noting in particular his puzzling relationship with the by now notorious E11 BID Co.. This afternoon, the Waltham Forest Guardian reports ‘A Labour Party spokesman’ as saying: ‘“We can confirm Cllr Khan has been suspended pending the result of an investigation.”’ Coincidentally, in the last few days, I have received an anonymous... »

LBWF’s relationship with the local business sector: new revelations about the E11 BID Co.

I have written before about LBWF’s relationships with the local business sector, and pointed out that our council appears to treat certain businesses and business organisations rather more favourably than might be expected. Money is handed out, and assets handed over, but there seems to be no great urgency about due process. It is all very relaxed, even informal, and contrasts strikingly with the ... »

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