‘In Calais with Stella Creasy’

There is a long article in today’s New Statesman about Dr. Stella Creasy’s recent visit to the Calais refugee camp:


For sure, there will be the usual accusations that this is another example of her penchant for grandstanding.

But I doubt if such comment is fair.

Dr. Creasy has her failings, as I have suggested before, not least her silence on a whole slew of local Town Hall scandals.

But no-one can reasonably contest her strong commitment to helping the less well off, or her bravery in standing up to online bullying.

It says a lot about Momentum that its members are regularly discussing how to de-select Dr. Creasy, while remaining largely silent about Leyton and Wanstead MP John Cryer (‘Sleeping John, as he has become known locally), whose record inside and outside Parliament is inferior, and who commutes into the borough from South London.

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