Silver Birch Academy Trust: Lost in the Forest?

As this blog has periodically observed, to mere mortals the world of primary and secondary school academies, and in particular their governance, is sometimes rather puzzling. Last Sunday, the Observer featured a local case that well illustrates the point. Silver Birch Academy Trust (SBAT) runs four primary schools with nearly 2,000 pupils, three of which (Chingford Hall Primary Academy, Longshaw P... »

George Tomlinson Primary School, Leytonstone: the spectre of ‘academisation’ persists?

Earlier posts have reported on recent events at George Tomlinson Primary School in Leytonstone, and in particular noted the apprehension of some parents, teachers and onlookers that it is being prepared for ‘academisation’, perhaps by stealth. The development that first triggered such anxieties – the involvement of The Lime Academy Trust in the management of the school – has now come to an end, bu... »

Education round-up: worrying developments at Davies Lane and George Tomlinson

In previous posts, I’ve looked at some of the worrying developments that are occurring in relation to the governance of Waltham Forest schools. Now word reaches me of two further instances which set alarm bells ringing. Davies Lane Primary School recently was taken over by the Arbor Academy Trust. Almost simultaneously, the governors took the decision to dismiss NUT representative Tobias Hay... »

George Tomlinson Primary School, Leytonstone, again

A previous post (see link below) looked briefly at George Tomlinson primary school in Leytonstone, and the fears of some that it was surreptitiously being prepared for academisation. Since then, much has changed. The school has new governors, and a new management team, the latter led by Executive Head Lynne Harrowell. However, the sense of general unease seems if anything to have increased. Variou... »

Academies, George Tomlinson Primary, and LBWF Interim Director of School Standards Rosalind Turner UPDATED

Earlier this week, a reliable contact in the Town Hall rang me to say that some Labour councillors seemed spooked by the stance being taken by LBWF’s Interim Director of School Standards, Rosalind Turner, and more generally were nervous about what they perceived as the ‘academisation’ of Waltham Forest schools. Indeed, my contact told me, the rumour circulating was that Cabinet member Cllr. Mark R... »