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This is a personal blog, which aims to scrutinise the powers that be in Waltham Forest, from the Council (hereafter London Borough of Waltham Forest or LBWF), both elected members and staff; to our MP... »


Momentum in Waltham Forest: the promise and the reality UPDATED

As is well known by now, Momentum promises a ‘new politics’, one characterised by, amongst other things, openness, transparency, and enhanced democratic participation. Since this blog has always suppo... »

Dave Hill on ‘Mini-Holland’ in Enfield

Writing for his blog, the Guardian‘s Dave Hill, who has his favourites but is sometimes moderately iconoclastic, surveys how ‘Mini-Holland’ is evolving in our neighbour, Enfield: htt... »

STOP PRESS: Coghill replaces Robbins as Labour Group Leader

Labour councillors have just completed voting for their new Group Leader, and the results are as follows: Clare Coghill 30 Nadeem Ali 9 Gerry Lyons 1 Two of those eligible to vote did not attend (one ... »

George Tomlinson Primary School, Leytonstone: the spectre of ‘academisation’ persists?

Earlier posts have reported on recent events at George Tomlinson Primary School in Leytonstone, and in particular noted the apprehension of some parents, teachers and onlookers that it is being prepar... »

Waltham Forest’s Mini-Holland: an imminent exposé?

I recently stumbled across this video about Mini-Holland (MH) on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hEVPJm-cBM What is perhaps of more interest is the following statement that its creator has p... »

Chris Robbins: in memoriam UPDATED

EduAction: www.walthamforestmatters.org.uk/2015/02/10/down-memory-lane-2-nrf-eduaction-and-an-open-letter-to-cllr-chris-robbins/ Town Hall ‘culture': www.walthamforestmatters.org.uk/2015/03/09/t... »

Education round-up: worrying developments at Davies Lane and George Tomlinson

In previous posts, I’ve looked at some of the worrying developments that are occurring in relation to the governance of Waltham Forest schools. Now word reaches me of two further instances which... »

LBWF backs down on proposed changes to its Council Tax Support scheme

Some good news for a change. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Labour’s plan to drastically increase the proportion of council tax that the poorer sections of society would be required to pay... »

Waltham Forest Labour and Anti-Semitism (2)

This speaks for itself and is fairly shocking: http://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/166110/labour-branch-chair-praised-activist-suspended-over-antisemitism In the past, Labour and anti-semitism stood at ... »

Cllr. Clare Coghill and her ‘little list’

Politicians who brandish ‘little lists’ seem more prone than most to getting into trouble. The prime example is of course one-time Minister Peter Lilley, who pulled this trick in a speech at the 1992 ... »

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