STOP PRESS: the E11 BID Co. heads towards being struck off

According to a document made public at Companies House, reproduced below, the E11 BID Co. is now threatened with being compulsorily struck off and dissolved.

This blog has covered the troubled and troubling E11 BID Co. before (see links below).

The issue now seems to be that the company missed the deadline for filing its 2014-15 accounts, which was 31 March 2016.

It really does seem extraordinary that directors who are entirely dependent on other people’s money cannot manage the elementary step of filing properly.

Little wonder that those traders in Leytonstone who are forced to financed the E11 BID Co. via a levy are so disenchanted.

One wonders what Michael Polledri’s Waltham Forest Business Board, which was charged with supervising the E11 BID Co., and LBWF, which collects the levy, make of all this. The E11 BID Co. just never seems to learn. That it promotes itself as some kind of beacon of enlightenment adds an element of farce.

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