Mini Holland

Council Leader Clare Coghill, trader Asghar Jilow, and the controversy over Walthamstow Street Market

In recent months, there has been a good deal of controversy about the future of Walthamstow’s famous street market and the shops that surround it. LBWF is involved in a strategic review, but many traders remain unimpressed, arguing that this is pointless because it fails to address two debilitating problems, which they believe are Mini-Holland and the authorities’ failure to clamp down on crime an... »

Save Our Buses and Mini-Holland

As this blog has observed before, many of those who vociferously debate Mini-Holland in Waltham Forest remain unconvincing, largely because of their unfortunate habit of confusing anecdote and assertion with properly grounded research. However, there are exceptions, and one that stands out is the organisation Save Our Buses (SOB). SOB was formed in 1990, and has been campaigning pretty much ever s... »

Dave Hill on ‘Mini-Holland’ in Enfield

Writing for his blog, the Guardian‘s Dave Hill, who has his favourites but is sometimes moderately iconoclastic, surveys how ‘Mini-Holland’ is evolving in our neighbour, Enfield: One sentence jumps out: ‘Meeting Rogers [‘Clare Rogers, local resident and mainstay of a g... »

Waltham Forest’s Mini-Holland: an imminent exposé?

I recently stumbled across this video about Mini-Holland (MH) on YouTube: What is perhaps of more interest is the following statement that its creator has placed on Facebook: ‘This video is a response to the feedback from ENJOY WALTHAM FOREST in regards to MH. The feedback claims that residents are happy with the scheme. This is perversely misleadi... »