Cllr. Marie Pye

Labour takes William Morris, and Cllr. Marie Pye stirs the pot

The results of the William Morris ward by-election are in, with Labour unknown Umar Ali romping home, followed by the Green’s Rebecca Tully, and our man, Walthamstow ‘born and bread’ Afzal Akram, bringing up the rear. Labour supporters are predictably jubilant on social media, but there is one puzzling comment that is worthy of note. In an extended interchange, a peer of Mr. Akram make... »

‘Forget the homeless, what about the coffee drinkers?’ LBWF v. The Christian Kitchen (Part 2): the council gets a walloping in court

We published Part 1 of this story some months ago (see the link below in Related Posts). Our correspondent now provides the sequel. ‘The Christian Kitchen has been feeding the homeless in Walthamstow for over 20 years. On the 17 April 2013, LBWF revoked its longstanding licence to operate from the Mission Grove car park (located just behind the High Street), citing the apparent incidence of associ... »

Cllr. Pye: going, going…gone?

Word reaches me that Cllr. Pye’s position is becoming ever more tenuous, that she has been stripped of her Scrutiny position, and has one foot on the trap-door. In happier times, Cllr Pye was a member of the ruling troika, and held important Cabinet portfolios. Cllrs Loakes and Robbins dwelt on her every word. Indeed, she was Leytonstone’s very own Cleopatra, hectoring public meetings ... »

Documenting Past Failures: (8) the self-defeating silence of Councillor Marie Pye

Shortly after the Independent Panel report, I attended a Community Council meeting, and heard Cllr. Marie Pye vociferously denying any responsibility for the NRF/BNI fiasco. So I wrote her an open letter explaining why I thought she was wrong. Needless to say, in true Waltham Forest style, she never replied. However, to some extent the last laugh is on her, because if you Google ‘Cllr. Marie... »