Cllr. Pye: going, going…gone?

Word reaches me that Cllr. Pye’s position is becoming ever more tenuous, that she has been stripped of her Scrutiny position, and has one foot on the trap-door.

In happier times, Cllr Pye was a member of the ruling troika, and held important Cabinet portfolios.

Cllrs Loakes and Robbins dwelt on her every word.

Indeed, she was Leytonstone’s very own Cleopatra, hectoring public meetings whilst reclining on a council-supplied chaise longue (manhandled in by two dutiful retainers).

Oh, the fun of yesteryear.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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  1. Truth & Lies - July 18, 2015, 1:47 pm

    There are rumours that Cllr Pye has been seen discussing crossing the floor with a senior local Tory. Seems a bit odd for someone who was always very much to the statist left of the Labour party.

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