Labour takes William Morris, and Cllr. Marie Pye stirs the pot

The results of the William Morris ward by-election are in, with Labour unknown Umar Ali romping home, followed by the Green’s Rebecca Tully, and our man, Walthamstow ‘born and bread’ Afzal Akram, bringing up the rear.

Labour supporters are predictably jubilant on social media, but there is one puzzling comment that is worthy of note.

In an extended interchange, a peer of Mr. Akram makes the observation that ‘Afzal should have not stood’, to which Cllr. Marie Pye responds:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 13.05.46

Of course, today Cllr. Pye is almost a forgotten figure, having for some reason fallen precipitously out of favour, but it is worth recalling that at one time she and Mr. Akram were close colleagues at the apex of the Town Hall administration, so we must take her views seriously.

In that context, we naturally wonder what ‘lot of things’ she is alluding to.

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