Ex-Cllr. Afzal Akram finds a new political home

After reading my previous post, an astute reader contacts me to ask what has happened to onetime Waltham Forest councillor Afzal Akram.

Her question is understandable. After all, here is a man who in a matter of a few years first rose from relative obscurity to occupy a powerful place in the Labour Cabinet, concurrently served on many different local boards and quangos, then was suspended by his local party, and subsequently abruptly disappeared from view – truly, a shooting star.

Luckily for the body politic, it turns out that Mr. Akram is alive and well, has moved across London, and is now a luminary of….UKIP!

Getwestlondon has the story:


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  1. Truth & Lies - July 18, 2015, 2:19 pm

    Perhaps this is as a result of the refusal of the WF Tories to take him in and the equal refusal of their West London counterparts to do so either. After all it is not as if AA actually has any politics, for him it is all about the networking and the status, not the policies and the beliefs.

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