Lutfur Rahman

Lutfur Rahman: an apology (of sorts)

Over the years, this blog has recorded the richly deserved political and professional downfall of ex-Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman. But it turns out we owe Mr. Rahman something of an apology, because compared to some he never quite scraped the bottom of the barrel. This week’s Private Eye (no. 1467, 6 April to 19 April 2018) explains all: »

Ex-Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman: the final disgrace

For reasons best known to themselves, and against a mass of evidence, sections of the local Labour Party have continued to champion the disgraced ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman. Now, however, their empathy looks even more absurd. For Mr. Rahman has been struck off by his own professional body, the Solicitors Disciplinary Committee (SDC), and ordered to pay £86,000 in costs. The key part ... »

Lutfur Rahman: yet another low UPDATED

Mark Baynes at Love Wapping has a powerful story on the latest development in the Lutfur Rahman affair, which begins as follows: ‘Lutfur Rahman, ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets, has been damned once again by the law of the land. A strongly worded press statement released today by Richard Slade & Company, solicitor for the electoral petitioners, details why the latest court judgement against Ra... »

Reforming local government (2) an agenda from Tower Hamlets

On the subject of local government reform, it is notable that another of our neighbours, Tower Hamlets, also has begun examining the status quo, in this case through the medium of a Transparency Commission, described in an August press release as follows: ‘The council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee has launched an Overview and Scrutiny Transparency Commission (OSTC) to identify actions th... »

Tower Hamlets’ grand finale: ‘four brave Davids beat the lying corrupt Goliath’

The judge’s verdict is here: It’s long but worth reading, not just because of the comparisons that inevitably arise with Waltham Forest, but also because there are barbs in all directions, especially concerning the Labour Party’s modi operandi; the way that the ‘left’... »

Tower Hamlets, yet again

Another great story from Ted Jeory: »

Tower Hamlets, again

Great story over at Love Wapping about Tower Hamlets Council and lunch clubs: »

Tower Hamlets and a ‘grant funding shambles’: echoes of Waltham Forest

Mark Baynes at Love Wapping has just posted a very interesting piece on a Tower Hamlets council audit report which ‘paints a grim picture of an almost total lack of control in relation to the awarding and monitoring of grants across the borough’. As he observes, the report, which covers the period September 2014 to November 2014, ‘describes a culture within Tower Hamlets council ... »

Tower Hamlets and Rotherham

I have posted the recent reports on Tower Hamlets and Rotherham in the documents box on the left. Each discuses a disturbing range of pathologies, and more of these than is comfortable have echoes in Waltham Forest. For example, two passages from the Rotherham report particularly resonate: ‘RMBC [Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council] has a culture of suppressing bad news and ignoring diffi... »