Lutfur Rahman: yet another low UPDATED

Mark Baynes at Love Wapping has a powerful story on the latest development in the Lutfur Rahman affair, which begins as follows:

‘Lutfur Rahman, ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets, has been damned once again by the law of the land. A strongly worded press statement released today by Richard Slade & Company, solicitor for the electoral petitioners, details why the latest court judgement against Rahman has found him to be “a mortgage fraudster and tax evader” and Mrs. Rahman (aka Mrs Ayesha Farid) has been called an “unreliable witness who adjusts her evidence under pressure.”’

For the rest, see

while the full court judgement is here:

Those who so shrilly denounced last year’s action against Mr. Rahman as an Islamophobic plot would appear to have further egg on their faces.

UPDATE: for further details of Mr. Rahman’s recent calamitous affairs, plus interesting background, see


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