Amy Lamé finds a congenial home

One name that has cropped up recently in relation to Waltham Forest is Amy Lamé, London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s £75,000 p.a. Night Czar, ‘TV personality’, and ‘active’ Labour Party member.

Her link to Waltham Forest is because she has been intimately involved in Mayor Khan’s plan to pilot Walthamstow High Street as a ‘Night Time Enterprise Zone’, something he has buttressed by granting LBWF £75,000 to run initiatives such as a ‘shop local late’ campaign.

Of course, as so often is the case, the back scratching is mutual, and so LBWF’s spin machine has taken up Ms. Lamé big time, positioning her as Leader Cllr. Clare Coghill’s new best friend:

Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 11.20.58

However, at the end of last week Ms. Lamé found herself in the spotlight for less happy reasons, with the Guido Fawkes blog revealing the following:

Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 13.50.11


Subsequently, Ms.Lamé reportedly has agreed to donate her Duckie Loves Fanny earnings of £1,000 to an LGBTQ charity.

But wait, there is a small, but very revealing, additional detail, for her donation will be ‘less the tax on those earnings’.

When it comes to choosing pals, the LBWF hierarchy invariably can be relied upon to scrape the barrel.

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