Local Labour heavyweight Richard Price denounces internal party shenanigans

Eagle-eyed politicos have drawn my attention to a speech by local Labour heavyweight, Richard Price, at the party’s recent Brighton conference, which can be viewed here at I hour 51 minutes:


It’s strong stuff, and Mr. Price is obviously intent on cementing his coveted position as ‘The Most Hated Man In Waltham Forest’ in the ‘By The Local Labour Hierarchy’ division.

But, because of his undoubted expertise in such matters, what he says deserves to be taken seriously, and opens a window onto an astonishing range of shenanigans – shenanigans that no one who believes in open, democratic politics (wherever they stand on the left-right spectrum) can have any sympathy with.

This blog consistently has been highly critical of the Left in Waltham Forest for its almost total failure to advance a credible programme tailored to the borough’s particular needs, and still remains so, but given the picture that Mr. Price paints, perhaps there is some mitigation.

Anyway, Labour’s internecine troubles clearly deserve renewed attention, and so a further post will follow shortly.

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