Cllr. Clare Coghill and her ‘little list’

Politicians who brandish ‘little lists’ seem more prone than most to getting into trouble.

The prime example is of course one-time Minister Peter Lilley, who pulled this trick in a speech at the 1992 Conservative conference, received widespread opprobrium, and then disappeared into obscurity.

Now Labour Councillor Clare Coghill – thought to be Leader Chris Robbins’ choice as his successor – may be in danger of reaping the same whirlwind.

The scene is a jolly gathering of comrades at a local hostelry. Cllr. Coghill holds court. The conversation turns to the future, and how the Labour Group is likely to evolve. Cllr. Coghill is candid about her colleagues, naming both those she likes, and those who she and her close allies think should be deselected. As she speaks, she jots down a series of first names on a handy paper napkin. The talk turns to other matters, and then the comrades disperse.

But one of those present is perspicacious enough to pick up said napkin and keep it for posterity. I reproduce it, below.

The question, then, is which group these names fall into. Are they the ones that Cllr. Coghill has time for, or are they the ones that she and her chums want shot of?

To the outside observer, it is difficult to tell. If those included are in the former camp, that would be curious, to say the least, because some of them certainly do not reciprocate Cllr. Coghill’s regard.

But if they are in the latter camp, one wonders why she stopped there. After all, there is plenty more dead wood in the forest.

Whatever the truth, the lesson is surely the reverse of the maxim that was once applied to children: ‘”little lists” should be heard but never seen’.


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