‘Our Olympics': an introduction

Waltham Forest was, of course, one of the ‘Olympic Boroughs’, and LBWF predictably milked that fact for all it was worth. From the ‘Big Six’ events (handily organised by the Manchester based Co-operative Event Management), to the outburst of civic pride that greeted the arrival of the torch, to the constant harping on ‘legacy’, no opportunity was missed to spread the message that the Town Hall brigade deserved out gratitude. Yet behind the scenes, it was a rather different story. A LBWF scrutiny committee report, published just a year before the Games opened, referred to ‘the perceived lack of local progress being made in maximising the potential and benefits that could be accrued from havin... »

Town Hall asbestos: now John Cryer MP comments, well sort of

In his March 2015 E-bulletin, the somnolent MP for Leyton and Wanstead John Cryer comments as follows: ‘I was troubled by some reports which have surfaced online about how Waltham Forest Council dealt with the discovery of asbestos at the Town Hall. This had the potential to cause ordinary council workers, officers and the councillors themselves serious, chronic health problems. I met with the Chief Executive to discuss this issue and others. However, I am given to understand that the Council made a report to the Health and Safety Executive as soon as the problems were discovered, some years ago. This was the right thing to do, however I will of course continue to monitor the situation... »

Town Hall asbestos: LBWF comments, at last: UPDATED

Stop press: Mr Fenwick provides a full reply to our e-mail of 20 March 2015.   26 March 2015 ‘Dear Mr Tiratsoo, Thank you for your email. Its contents are noted. The Council has provided a response to your original queries and explained the relationship between NPS(London) Ltd and the Council. Daniel Fenwick Director of Governance’   20 March 2015 ‘Dear Mr. Fenwick, Thank you for your e-mail. Most of it of course is entirely irrelevant to the points that we raised with Mr. Esom on 27 January 2015, points he has subsequently been so reticent about responding to. As to the parts that are relevant, our response is as follows. First, your contention that there was a ‘... »

Tower Hamlets, again

Great story over at Love Wapping about Tower Hamlets Council and lunch clubs: »

Documenting Past Failures: (10) LBWF and Worknet: a tale of underperformance, failure, and the betrayal of local people

Between 2008 and 2014, LBWF operated Worknet, a multi-million pound programme, funded from London and central government sources, delivered by outside ‘partners’, and aimed at helping local people find employment. At first, LBWF gave Worknet significant publicity, and presented it as a major initiative. For example, in November 2009, Council Leader Cllr. Chris Robbins told WFN: ‘“Waltham Forest have always said our 2012 Legacy…will be…jobs, education and opportunity…Huge strides have been taken towards achieving that…with our Worknet jobs programme”’. However, by late 2013, Worknet had all but faded from view. Indeed, when I attended a consultation with Council staff that year, a... »

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