Waltham Forest Labour : boosting the local economy…er sorry, a local economy

Here’s something funny.

Councillor Clare Coghill is a great one for saying how important it is to boost the local economy, and often reassures us that, in its never ending search to make our lives better, her council is doing just that.

For example, here she is writing in the preface to LBWF’s 2016-18 Growth Strategy:

‘Over the next four years we will continue to work closely with local businesses and give them the support they need to prosper, and promote and invest in our town centres to keep wealth in the borough and give residents the quality and mix of services they expect’ [emphasis added].

So against this backdrop it comes as a bit of a surprise to find that the Labour leaflet for the recent local government election, which must have had a very big print run, was produced by a firm in….Longwood Drive, Cardiff.

Google ‘printer in Waltham Forest’, and there are scores of choices.

But of course, as everyone knows, none of the locals could possibly meet the Labour Party’s exacting standards…