Cllr. Terry Wheeler

Cllr. Ahsan Khan and a Mayoral reception to honour ‘a friend of mine’ UPDATED

Browsing YouTube at the weekend, I was amused to come across this: It is a short film shot in the Town Hall, at which Waltham Forest’s Mayor honours a guest. One interesting thing is that the Mayor in question is not Cllr. Saima Mahmud, bur Cllr. Terry Wheeler, her predecessor – suggesting that the practice of Mayoral honouring which has rece... »

‘Cllr. Khan cleared’ shock, and other Labour Party witterings

In what surely must be the biggest surprise since Leicester won the Premiership, it appears that barrister Jonathan Auburn’s no doubt thorough review has cleared Cllr. Ahsan Khan of any wrongdoing, and he is to be restored to the Cabinet shortly. Cllr. Khan’s adventures in bestowing ‘community awards’ are thus vindicated. In a related development, I understand that the Cabinet has been increased i... »

‘Forget the homeless, what about the coffee drinkers?’ LBWF v. The Christian Kitchen (Part 1): Councillor Terry Wheeler makes a stand

A local correspondent writes as follows: ‘Waltham Forest Council is big on celebrating its own perceived achievements and spending our money to do so. You would think that having a local charity like the Christian Kitchen which feeds the homeless 365 days a year would be worth celebrating, but unfortunately, in 2013 our less than enlightened leaders decided otherwise by revoking its licence ... »