Leyton and Wanstead MP John Cryer calls out Labour anti-semitism again…but for his far-left party colleagues he is a liar and a Tory

More fun and games in the local Labour Party, so often the home of the gutter. A couple of weeks ago, John Cryer, M.P. for Leyton and Wanstead and Chair of the Parliamentary Party, took to Twitter and made these forthright statements: And the response from his party colleagues? These Tweets are typical of the general tenor: It is often said nowadays that Sir Keir Starmer KBC KC has cleared out the... »

The Charity Commission issues regulatory ‘guidance’ to Walthamstow charities Miftahul Jannah Academy and Masjid-E-Umer Trust after complaints about the content of their youth programmes

In the autumn of 2021, complaints were made to the Charity Commission about two Waltham Forest Muslim charities, the Miftahul Jannah Academy and the Masjid-E-Umer Trust (which runs Walthamstow Central Mosque). At the centre of the complaints was ‘Islamic scholar’ Muhammad Patel, who had taught young people at both charities from 2008 onwards, with live recordings of his weekly lectures then b... »

Senior Cabinet portfolio holder Cllr. Simon Miller steps down, as local election tensions split Waltham Forest’s Labour and Conservative parties

In recent days, Cllr. Simon Miller has announced he will not be standing at the forthcoming local elections, and this is provoking some comment, because as Cabinet portfolio holder for Economic Prosperity he has guided many of the development schemes that are transforming parts of Waltham Forest. In a parting message, as reported by Victoria Munro in the February 2022 Waltham Forest Echo, Cll... »

Islamic extremism in Walthamstow: the Charity Commission investigates two Muslim charities over controversial statements made in youth programmes, but LBWF must intervene, too.

As has been reported by various media outlets (most prominently the Times), the Charity Commission is currently investigating two Waltham Forest Islamic charities, the Miftahul Jannah Academy and the Masjid-E-Umer Trust (which runs Walthamstow Central Mosque), following a complaint about controversial statements in lectures that allegedly have been delivered as part of their youth progra... »

John Cryer MP speaks out on anti-semitism – and this time it’s personal

A few days ago, Leyton and Wanstead MP John Cryer released the statement reproduced below to his local constituency party. As reported by this blog (see links), he has spoken out about Labour anti-semitism before, but this time round he is particularly forceful, and also introduces a personal dimension, alleging that attacks on him for raising the issue over the years were ‘orchestrated̵... »

John Cryer MP and anti-semitism

All the recent talk of the Corbynistas’ anti-semitism brings to mind a post that appeared on this blog way back in 2017. That great advert for Labour meritocracy, John Cryer MP, had awoken from his usual deep slumber, and was holding forth at a Labour Conference fringe event. The BBC reported thus: ‘A senior Labour MP has said he is shocked at some of the anti-Semitic tweets by party members that ... »

John Cryer MP speaks out on Labour anti-semitism UPDATED

Currently, the BBC is running a story about John Cryer and Labour’s anti-semitism: ‘A senior Labour MP has said he is shocked at some of the anti-Semitic tweets by party members that come before its disciplinary panel. John Cryer said some of what is written “makes your hair stand up”, adding: “This stuff is redolent of the 1930s.” He was speaking at a fringe de... »

John Cryer MP and Labour’s endemic anti-semitism UPDATED

There is a sobering post on the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s website, here which looks at what has happened – or rather not happened – since Ken Livingston advised the world that ‘Hitler was supporting Zionism’. And for so... »

Waltham Forest Labour and anti-semitism (2)

This speaks for itself and is fairly shocking: In the past, Labour and anti-semitism stood at opposite poles, but now it seems to be a different story. »

Waltham Forest Labour and anti-semitism (1)

The Waltham Forest Guardian is reporting that the Labour Party has suspended Walthamstow activist David Watson, with a statement reading: ‘“An individual member of Walthamstow Labour Party has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation by the national party. We condemn anti-Semitism and racism of all kinds but cannot comment further until the Party investigation has concluded.”’... »