Traffic calming measures that are harming houses and people: a local resident fights on to force LBWF into recognising its responsibilities

A previous post focused on a local resident’s concern that badly thought-out traffic calming measures in Waltham Forest are producing damaging consequences (see link, below).

More recently, the same resident has requested a meeting with the newly appointed LBWF CEO, Linzi Roberts-Egan. 

Asked by one of the latter’s staff to explain why a meeting was justified, our resident replied with the eloquent and very full elucidation of their case reproduced below, which once again is damning of both the traffic calming measures themselves, and the way LBWF has dealt with complainants.

This is clearly an important issue, which has widespread implications, and so updates will follow.

‘Dear Ms. Roberts-Egan

…The reason for asking to have an appointment with you in person is to discuss the facts that:

  • our homes are shaking/vibrating throughout the day and night and
  • excruciating pain and suffering is endured by bus passengers/drivers and motorists.

This is due to LBWF council who have installed speed humps and tables (after manipulating “survey results”); when traffic crosses these humps (especially buses and all HGVs), our homes vibrate, windows creak and items in our homes rattle. Residents have taken photos of damage to our properties that are a result of the vibrations.

Whilst LBWF council have constantly repeated themselves by stating they have “followed correct procedures,” they are “saving lives” with a theoretical “20mph speed limit” (which is unmonitored) and they have “done nothing wrong,” it does not help the residents; we have a right to live in our homes with peace of mind rather than anxiety caused by an uncaring and apathetic council!

According to LBWF council, there have been “numerous meetings” with me – numerous meaning ONE meeting in August 2022 (where I had to badger and hound the local councillor to arrange this); the senior engineer turned up with two other men; all three were totally disinterested in our homes shaking and being unable to sleep at night due to the vibrations. They stood in my front garden, felt the vibrations through the ground and heard the increase in noise pollution as vehicles traversed the speed humps but they conveniently ignored this by saying “We are saving lives!”

The second meeting took place on the 12th May 2023 whereby the Assistant Director for Highways and Parking Services, Parking & Transport turned up – we haven’t heard from him since. Over 60 residents attended this meeting (more wanted to attend but were unable to) complaining of the same issues throughout Chingford; many of them were retired and/or had disabilities but still made a special effort to be there – this is the strength of feeling. Valid questions were raised in this meeting but three months later, no response.

Two meetings (one per year) do not constitute “numerous meetings!”

A growing number of residents across Waltham Forest are contacting me with regards to their homes shaking and painful road journeys; I have more than 200 signatures on the speed hump petition which is growing continuously. The LBWF council online petition is inaccessible to residents.

The residents have asked for the humps to be removed and speed cameras to be installed – fining speeding drivers is deeply disliked. However, during the first meeting (August 2022) the senior engineer said that someone has to: “Die first before they will consider putting cameras!” This is the compassionate and caring side of the council!

We have also been told by the council we need to contact our insurance companies re. any damage to homes resulting from vibrations – why are residents told to do this when it’s the council’s actions that have caused damage to our homes?! Do you feel this is how residents should be treated?

We have been told to stand by the roadside, make notes of speeding vehicles and report this to the police. Is that what is expected of residents? We never asked to be put into this position. How is this showing care, kindness and compassion when working people, parents with children, the retired, the elderly and people with disabilities are expected to do this?

Throughout this process, LBWF council has shown contempt for residents regarding this issue. This is why I am asking to speak to you in person as one human being to another rather than having this distressing issue being passed to the same LBWF employees who are disinterested and disingenuous.

I await your reply so I can report back to all concerned residents’. 

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