Waltham Forest council is the sixth most complained about in all of England

Over recent years, LBWF has incessantly boasted about its achievements, all the while stressing that it prioritises ‘listening’, and is on the side of residents, or as one past Leader was fond of saying, ‘our people’.

But now the truth is out.

For a survey by claims.co.uk, which uses official data for 2016-22, reveals that LBWF is the sixth most complained about council, not just in London, but in the whole of England.

The details are appended.

In normal organisations, such humiliation would be seen as mortifying, and provoke some prolonged soul-searching.

Here, in the borough, the precedent is unpromising, with the Independent Panel investigation of 2009, for example, concluding ‘Good organisations learn from problems and rectify them…Waltham Forest appears to do neither’, and little evidence since that this unhappy pathology ever has been addressed

Perhaps LBWF will surprise us all, and now take its mauling seriously.

But given the history few will hold their breath.

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