Waltham Forest’s Mini-Holland: an imminent exposé?

I recently stumbled across this video about Mini-Holland (MH) on YouTube:


What is perhaps of more interest is the following statement that its creator has placed on Facebook:

‘This video is a response to the feedback from ENJOY WALTHAM FOREST in regards to MH. The feedback claims that residents are happy with the scheme. This is perversely misleading; the scheme has actually torn Walthamstow into two parts. The claims have now prompted other areas of the UK to follow suit and implement a MH. This video is here to highlight the feelings of local residents. It is made in order to tell you what the MH lawmakers are not telling you…Several of us are currently preparing a Panorama style documentary about MH. It will reveal the real reasons as to how the MH money was acquired and what the political and social aims of MH truly are. It will discuss the worldwide pollution debate and it will pose questions as to why/how residents Walthamstow residents are supposed to change this worldwide issue. It will have interviews from professionals and residents from both ends of the spectrum, that includes those badly affected and it includes whistle-blowers. It will reveal the real reason why local councillors are proponents of MH including financial gains. Hopefully it will be ready by the New Year…’.

This could be interesting.