‘John Cryer MP Once Lived Here’ UPDATED

A correspondent writes:

‘People viewing properties in Leyton may have come across a flat in Lawton Road E10. In estate agent jargon, this well appointed property has two bedrooms, modern kitchen and bathroom; is located in a quiet residential street close to the cricket ground; and is well served by local buses. The estate agent may or may not relate that this nice but otherwise unremarkable flat was until very recently the home of John Cryer, the MP for Leyton and Wanstead, who purchased it in 2012 after promising to move to the constituency if selected to be the Labour candidate at the 2010 General Election. It appears that Mr. Cryer has now departed the constituency, preferring to make his home in Lewisham instead. Whether the property was on the market before or after the 2015 General Election is unknown, but local Labour Party members are apparently so disappointed at this turn of events that they are mounting a campaign to erect a blue plaque to mark Mr. Cryer’s brief period of residency’.

JC blue plaque


UPDATE The Waltham Forest Guardian has now covered this story, accompanied by a picture of the man himself (grinning – presumably – because of the profit he made on the sale):


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  1. Truth & Lies - July 18, 2015, 1:32 pm

    Truly hard to understand why anyone would prefer to live in Lewisham rather than Leyton but it also begs the question: Why doesn’t John Cryer work to improve Leyton to the point at which he would want to live there rather than just running away?

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