LWBF, Prevent, and the Lea Bridge Rd. Mosque

An interesting and very concerning report on the Lea Bridge Rd. Mosque has been published at the blog Harry’s Place:


I have written to Martin Esom, LBWF Chief Executive, as follows:

‘Dear Mr. Esom,

You no doubt will have seen the recent report on the Lea Bridge Rd. Mosque published at the blog Harry’s Place…

I understand that LBWF claims some sort of expertise in relation to the Prevent strategy; and also that a number of local councillors have strong connections with Lea Bridge Rd. Mosque.

In the light of these facts, please will you explain what steps you have taken – or are taking – to persuade these councillors that hosting groups such as Road 2 Reality is not helpful to local community relations, and indeed should be actively discouraged?

Yours sincerely,

Nick Tiratsoo’.

I will post his reply.

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