Private Eye’s 2015 Rotten Borough’s Awards: LBWF triumphs again

Private Eye‘s annual Rotten Borough Awards are always a highpoint for local council watchers, and this year LBWF triumphs again, with no less than two citations, which read as follows:

‘COMBATING EXTREMISM: Until an undercover Channel 4 reporter discovered the truth, for two years Labour Waltham Forest council hired out a room for “ladies tea afternoons” to a group of burqa-clad women…who turned out to be an Isis supporters’ group’; and

‘WORKPLACE SAFETY: The London borough of Waltham Forest was fined £66,000 with £16,000 costs for failing to protect staff and public from asbestos on its premises. The council had known about the deadly dust in its basement since 1984 but had done nothing  about it until 2012, despite having been ordered to undertake remedial work by the Health and Safety Executive in 2002′.

(Private Eye no. 1409, 8-21 January 2016)

Trebles all round, as they say!

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