Asbestos matters: the Waltham Forest Town Hall fiasco

The Council’s recent conviction over the asbestos dust that it allowed to pollute the Town Hall has been well covered in the local press, see for example: But two matters remain to be clarified. The first is the role played... »

A note for readers…

This is a personal blog, which aims to scrutinise the powers that be in Waltham Forest, from the Council (hereafter London Borough of Waltham Forest or LBWF), both elected members and staff; to our MPs; to other important local institutions, such as the police and the health authorities; to local ‘leaders’, whether from business or elsewhere. My inspiration is the late, much lamented Archipelago of Truth (see links), and if I get anywhere near that, I’ll be pleased. I should emphasise from the start my belief that good local institutions can make a positive difference to all our lives, and so it is imperative to make sure they perform. If I highlight problems and failures, I do s... »

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