Fire safety scandal (3) is LBWF making it up as it goes along?

I have just sent the e-mail pasted below to LBWF Chief Executive Martin Esom. It examines LBWF’s 2017-18 installation of 217 flat entrance doors (FEDs) at Northwood Tower and four sheltered housing blocks, and strongly queries whether this alleged improvement programme was based – as it should have been – upon appropriate smoke and fire tests. The conclusion reached is that LBWF’s continuing attempts to promote the idea that it has acted responsibly throughout look ever more shaky. Relatedly, the controversy over whether the FEDs installed were FD60 (as LBWF initially claimed) or only FD30 (its more recent position) shows little sign of abating. LBWF’s latest comment ... »

LBWF old boys and girls in the news: Daniel Fenwick and Shifa Mustafa

It is always thought-provoking to learn about how LBWF old boys and girls are getting on, and so here’s an update on two who currently are in the news, Daniel Fenwick and Shifa Mustafa. As those with longer memories will recall, Mr. Fenwick was Director of Governance at LBWF between 2003 and 2015, before moving to take up a similar post in Newham. However, unfortunately, and as this blog has previously reported, since leaving us, Mr. Fenwick has found himself involved in a swamp of intrigue, centred around long-standing allegations of corrupt relationships, involving councillors, officers, and what are habitually described as ‘local businessmen’. Now, it appears, things have taken a fur... »

An interview with Waltham Forest Streets For All

1. To start with, can you say a bit about yourselves? What brought you together? What kind of organisation are you? Where do you draw support from? And how do you finance your activities? Waltham Forest Streets for All is an umbrella organisation for all groups fighting road closures and other transport related issues in the borough. We were formed originally from members of E17StreetsforAll, Our Streets, and a group in the Blackhorse area. Since then, there have been groups in Markhouse, the Stay Together group in Leyton, and groups in Chingford, as well as Save our Buses, for whom we provided a dedicated web page. As new issues arise, for example the recent anti-CPZ campaign in Highams Par... »

The Labour Left in Waltham Forest: neither use nor ornament (2)

A previous post looked at the antics of the Waltham Forest Labour Left (see link below) and predictably prompted an abusive tirade from the Corbynistas and Toytown Trots who control parts of the local Party. Much of this was personal in nature, amusing evidence that, for all their avowals about embracing a kinder and gentler politics, when criticised, they soon regress to the playground. However, amongst the childish verbiage, was a more substantial allegation – that in documenting LBWF’s many faults, this blog consistently has overlooked the damaging impact of Tory cuts from 2010 onwards, and thus inexcusably failed to name and shame those who are the real villains of the piece. This claim,... »

Private Eye reports the Waltham Forest fire safety scandal

From Private Eye, No. 1539, 22 January 2021 »

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