Selwyn Primary School

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A local resident writes: ‘As your blog has previously noted, LBWF plans to demolish our impressive Edwardian Primary School and replace it with a new “modular” prefab alternative, which has been described on the BBC website as an “Austerity school”.  It is confirmed that this proposal will go to the council’s Planning Committee on 12 July. As you have reported, too, SAVE Br... »

Selwyn Primary School, Highams Park: demolish in haste, repent at leisure?

A local resident writes as follows:   ‘Waltham Forest Council (hereafter LBWF) wants to demolish Selwyn Primary School in Highams Park and replace it with a modular building block of the same capacity. Executive head teacher Maureen Okoye appears to be spearheading the plans. Shortly after she took over running Selwyn there were allegations that she had a “dictatorial” style, and treat... »