Cllr. Keith Rayner at it again UPDATED

Cllr. Emma Best has posted on Twitter a piece of film recording an exchange with the puffed up Cllr. Keith Rayner at last night’s Council meeting.

In it he refers to her as ‘dear’, to the amusement of his Labour colleagues:

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 08.32.02

The full clip can be viewed here: 

Cllr. Rayner, it will be remembered, in recent years has had considerable difficulty settling his council tax bill, being issued with two notices for late payment in 2015-16; a further reminder for payment in 2016-17; and shortly afterwards, a summons (which subsequently was mysteriously withdrawn).

It might be imagined that, having blotted his copybook so comprehensively, he now would keep a low profile, but self-awareness is clearly not his forte.

LBWF Leader Clare Coghill regularly announces herself as a feminist, so it is to be hoped that she firmly reminds Cllr. Rayner that he has an obligation to address his female peers with the respect that is their due.

She might also suggest to him, perhaps gently given his obviously inflated ego, that he is hardly in a position to dispense patronising advice anyway, and doing so makes him look extremely foolish.


A correspondent rings in to say that I should have noted the extreme irony of Cllr. Rayner calling out someone else for ‘bullshit’.

Having had the misfortune to observe Cllr. Rayner in action over many years I am happy to acknowledge that ‘pot’ and ‘kettle’ barely does the matter justice.

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