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Town Hall ‘culture’:


The Olympics




Still, against all that, we’ve got a lot of new flag poles:

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A correspondent writes:

‘The latest is that there will be a “special” Labour Group on the 5th of Jan to elect a new Labour group leader. This person will then become Council leader in May when Robbo steps down. All very unusual. It’s designed to stitch it up for Coggers ahead of the selections. These have been brought forward to run from Jan to May, rather than sometime later in the year, as would be normal – all aimed at giving the lefties no time to organise. In the same vein, there was also an attempt to have a membership freeze date of early June 2016 in order to exclude those who joined in the first flush of Corbynism, but eagle eyed members stalled that, so the freeze date is now July 2016. All typical of Robbo! I hear, too, that there is no job for him at City Hall, contrary to your report’.

That last bit is interesting. The job being earmarked for Robbo, my sources told me, was F and F tsar – the man charged with looking after London’s flag poles and firework displays. It seemed a good fit. But I hear that Mayor Khan has now placed the post in the directorate of controversial tax efficiency expert Amy Lame (, so perhaps Robbo is well advised to give it the swerve. Anyway, he can console himself with the thought that an MBE is no doubt awaiting.

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