Town Hall asbestos: now John Cryer MP comments, well sort of

In his March 2015 E-bulletin, the somnolent MP for Leyton and Wanstead John Cryer comments as follows:

‘I was troubled by some reports which have surfaced online about how Waltham Forest Council dealt with the discovery of asbestos at the Town Hall. This had the potential to cause ordinary council workers, officers and the councillors themselves serious, chronic health problems. I met with the Chief Executive to discuss this issue and others. However, I am given to understand that the Council made a report to the Health and Safety Executive as soon as the problems were discovered, some years ago. This was the right thing to do, however I will of course continue to monitor the situation’.

What is he on about? Talk about a daft ramble.

‘[R]eports which have surfaced online’? Doesn’t he read the local paper?

But more importantly, whether or not LBWF contacted the HSE ‘some years ago’ is totally irrelevant.

The facts are plain.

A complaint was made to the HSE by a private citizen; this led to an investigation; and at the subsequent court hearing, LBWF was found guilty of potentially exposing to asbestos those working in, or visiting, the Town Hall.

Of course LBWF had previously known about the asbestos contamination, but it had not safely managed the problem, as the legislation requires, hence the guilty verdict.

I suppose Mr. Cryer’s mental confusion is what comes from juggling two houses, and immersion in the murky world of Labour party internal politics: he obviously loses track of what’s going on.

But, really, is such nonsense what we expect from our MPs? After all, they are getting paid well, and do have research staff.